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Cannabis is back in the headlines after several states recently passed some form of legislation legalizing cannabis. There are legislators in Texas who hope to make 2021 the year that the Lone Star State makes it happen.

Two bills have been filed ahead of the upcoming legislative session seeking to legalize cannabis and regulate the cultivation and sale of the plant.

While supports of legalization might find this news encouraging, there are still those who say you shouldn't get your hopes up. It will be a tough mountain to climb.

This is largely due to the opponents of legalization that currently hold office. Previous attempts have ended up going nowhere. Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick hasn't been shy about his opposition to anything that even remotely looks like a step toward legalization.

Supporters, and authors of the bills, point to major budget problems in the future due to the ongoing pandemic. One of their key points in pushing forward with legalization is that it will create jobs, and bring in a lot of money which will help make up for the budget shortfalls.

You can view the House Bill 447 by using this link. You can view Senate Bill 140 by following this link.

Both bills allow adults 21 and older to have 2.5 ounces of cannabis, or 15 grams of concentrate. They also allow for the cultivation of 12 plants for personal use. There would also be a "Cannabis Tax" that is set at 10%.

I'm skeptical when it comes to the possibility of cannabis legalization in Texas. While I probably wouldn't consume personally, I am willing to admit that it would be a boon to the economy that goes beyond just creating a new industry.

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