Xcel Withdraws Increase
Are the Gods looking down upon us today? I don't know about you, but this is the time of year I start seriously worrying about finances. With the holidays just around the corner and winter coming up, so many things require money. When Xcel announced it was asking for a price increase, my heart dropped, just one more bill to go up. However, that has changed.
Was Your Water Bill High?
Did you open your City of Amarillo Water bill and wonder why is was higher than normal?  You used the same amount of water that you normally do, but you were charged more than normal.  There is a reason your bill might be higher than usual.
10 Things I Would Do With $10,000
I'm sure I'm not the only one that has sat starring at the ceiling thinking about what I would do if I got a nice wad of cash. Well, you have that opportunity and all it takes is being a VIP.
Xcel Energy Bills Lowering Texas Bills [POLL]
When I saw this I did a dance of joy.  For me personally when it comes to my utility bills I do what I can to keep them as low as possible.  It upsets me when I don't change anything I'm doing and my bill goes up.  For someone on a strict budget it makes life hard when you cannot control certain bills.  Xcel Energy announced yesterday that your energy bill will be slightly lower.