Growing up, I always looked forward to the Bookmobile making it's way to my town. You remember the Bookmobile. It looked like an old Winnebago someone picked up at an auction and shoved a library inside.

At least mine did.

The city announced today that they are rolling out (no pun intended) the Utility Billing Mobile Unit. It's exactly what it sounds like.

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Instead of the awe and wonder of children's books, this mobile unit will be bringing you the opportunity to pay bills. Yay.

The Utility Billing Mobile Unit is outfitted with a drive-thru window and a couple of walk-up windows. It also doesn't look like a painted over Winnebago. It's more like a food truck, without the truck part.

It also has one heck of a name. Utility Billing Mobile Unit is a lot to say.

I'm all about convenience. I really am. Any way that my hectic life can be made easier, I'm happy with it. I just had to groan a bit when it had to do with saying goodbye to my money.

There's nothing whimsical or fun about handing over money.

Also, the mobile part is a bit misleading. According to the announcement on social media, the unit will be parked in the East City Hall parking lot. It states that it is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 AM until 4:30 PM.

Nothing mentioned about other places the mobile unit could be heading to. I'm sure that the city will be moving the unit around to different parts of town, when needed.

Here's a link to the billing website so you can keep tabs on the new Utility Billing Mobile Unit.

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