Yes, you should always have a spare. Yes, you should know how to change a tire. Sometimes, though, you get caught in a tough situation. Here's who to call when you need mobile tire repair in Amarillo.

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 So You Have A Flat, And Need Someone To Come To You...

There are a lot of places to get a tire fixed around town. What do you do, though, when you can't get your vehicle to the tire shop?

We actually have some places in town that will bring the tire to you.

Hawk Tire Service

I've actually used Hawk before when I had a flat, and found that my donut was flat as well. I was expecting an insane bill, but honestly it wasn't that bad.

I went to work that morning after calling them, and left my car parked where it was. When I went back at lunch, the tire was changed and I was ready to hit the road.

Impact Mobile Tire

We had to use Impact Mobile Tire once on a relatives vehicle. The trick with that vehicle is that it had very specific tires, and of course no spare. Impact came out with their trailer, and in no-time had the tires switched out and we were back on the road.

The prices were pretty reasonable, again, considering that they came to us.

When You Get Your Tire Fixed, And You're Able, Get A Spare

I've had to learn the hard way. Get a spare. It will save you a little in the long run.

Also, as I've also had to learn the hard way, be sure and check it once in a while to make sure it's there for you when you need it.

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These intersections stink harder.

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