20th Century Fox was founded all the way back in 1935, following the merger of two earlier Hollywood studios: Twentieth Century Pictures and Fox Film Corporation. In its 80-plus years of operation it has released hundreds of movies, including some of the biggest and most beloved of all time: The Sound of MusicM*A*S*HStar Wars, and Broadcast News, just to name a very few.

Now what once belonged to Fox belongs to Disney as part of a huge $52 billion deal. The ink is barely dry on the contracts, but people are already trying to figure out what this means for the future of both studio’s libraries. Ultimately, that will be up to executives to decide, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out the properties that will be of particular interest to Disney. All you really need is a look at Fox’s lifetime box office results.

We’ve already considered the ramifications for the Marvel Cinematic Universe in this video, but there are many more Fox concepts that could find new life at Disney outside the confines of the MCU. The list below features 10 of the juiciest properties in Fox’s library that will almost certainly be targeted for reboots, remakes, and sequels. It could take years for this to all shake out; Fox already has some projects based on these concepts in active development (or, in one case, on television as an ongoing series). But eventually, we suspect almost all of these will get a new Disneyfied lease on life.

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