Hey! Hey you! C'mere. Closer. Closer. Closer. Now, listen to what I'm about to tell you.

This......house.....is....bleepin incredible.

I'm serious as a heart attack.

I found this phenomenal residence in 2021 when my co-worker featured the real estate listing photo gallery in this story. I stood by his statement that the home easily laid claim to having the "largest backyard in the world" back then, and I stand by it to this day.

With that said.....I am tickled pink to reintroduce you to this impeccable classical work of art.

Even the gods are not spared the auction block

When the original story was re-posted on social media, someone was kind enough to leave a comment advising that the house would be going up for auction and even left a link as well.

However, because I am but a simple man who must juggle a tremendous amount of things, I soon forgot to return to the comment and peruse the link for more information. But not to worry, clearly something jogged my memory enough that you and I are both here today reading my jibber jabber and hoping we get the show started soon

Ryan & Lindsey Rickers w/ Assisteer auctioneers
April Hendrick

Sit tight, we're almost there.

Details first, then a dive into the photos

This Mediterranean beauty was built in 2010, initially put on the market for $1.8 million, and now sits at a fair market price of $1.3 million and an upcoming auction date of April 27, 2023.

Ryan and Lindsay Rickles with Assisteer Auctioneers are the head honchos for this slice of classical paradise this go 'round. I came across the listing on Zillow, and the description includes these details:

This home will be sold Live On-Site with online & phone bidding available.(assiter.com) April 27th@ 6PMCST. Offers may be made prior to auction date & will either be accepted or rejected.

So, if you want this bona fide Grecian party pad, go get it! Just be sure to invite me over.

WIth all said and done.....Here's what I really want to show you.... if I thought the original listing photos were beautiful--wait till you get a load of these. Somehow, the absence of furniture and the empty quality of the place just adds to is truly ethereal beauty.

Take a look:

(pro tip: keep on scrolling to see the original listing photos, you'll see the difference easily!)

EVEN MORE: Jaw-Dropping Photos of a $1.3M House With The Biggest Backyard in the World

This dizzying stunner of a classical behemoth residence is perched on the rim of Palo Duro Canyon and OH! You won't even have words. The colossal estate has been on the market for quite some time and now it's going up for auction.

What does that mean? Why....another round of incredible photos that will leave you breathless. What a home!

This is listed with Ryan & Lindsay Rickles with Assiter Auctioneers and the incredible photos are done by the one and only April Hendrick!

This $1.8 Million Mansion Has The Biggest Backyard In The World

This is a beautiful Mediterranean-style mansion with one truly stellar feature: the backyard.

The backyard is quite large, indeed, as it's a stunning view of Palo Duro Canyon. While the large home is incredible itself for a number of luxurious features, you'll find yourself coming back to how much you love that incredible vista of the canyon.

Located at 10900 Indian Camp Trl, Canyon, TX this home is listed for $1.8 million through Sabre Coffer at eXp Realty, LLC

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