If you grew up in the Texas Panhandle odds are that at some point and time you had a jingle stuck in your head. Locally we had some very memorable jingles. So let's step back in the world of nostalgia and check out some of these jingles you loved to hate.

Cattle Call

Cattle Call was one of the best BBQ restaurants in Amarillo. I'm sad that it is no longer around. It had some of the best BBQ and that BBQ sauce. Not to mention the coleslaw, I hate coleslaw but theirs was delicious. Who could forget the apricots on that piece of thick Texas toast. Let's take a trip back.

Crawford Door

Back in the day, when you needed new garage doors or a garage door fixed or even heard the word garage door, this is what popped in your head.

Danny Benites

The phrase "who's your daddy" was first used back in the 70's, but it became hugely popular again in the early 2000's.  So what did a local car dealer do?  He used it to his advantage.

Dennis the Price Menace Liquors

Where in Amarillo could you go for that "hand crampin' cold, cold beer."  Oh yeah!  You can still go there for that beer.

Mr. Gattis

Back in the day when Mr. Gattis delivered, you knew the number.  It's possible, when someone said let's get pizza tonight, you probably busted out in this song.

The Bear Mill

Back in the day, Amarillo's version of Build a Bear was The Bear Mill.  Their jingle was always like fingernails on a chalkboard.

Jump N Jive

Remember Jump N Jive?  The indoor bouncy house dream of every child.  An entire building filled with a ton of bounce houses.  Best birthday parties ever!!

Jiffy Lube

Who in Amarillo could keep you running smooth?  That would be Jiffy Lube.  They are still here but this jingle is long gone.

All Digital Connections

So long ago when satellite was becoming hugely popular we had All Digital Connections. Anytime those words were said, you busted out in song.  Why?  Well, that jingle was EVERYWHERE and it played ALL THE TIME!

Buffalo Nickel

Back in the days of Western Plaza Mall, there was an awesome arcade inside called Buffalo Nickel. This jingle popped into my head recently and it was stuck there for 2 days!

Metabolic Research Center

Anytime you thought about losing weight, this probably popped into your head.


Here's one that brings back the most memories.


We haven't had these jingles in probably 10 years and people still come up to me and sing them.  The memories!

So what was the one jingle you loved or loved to hate?  Maybe we can hunt it down for you.  Share these with your friends and get all these great jingles stuck in your head.

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