Neil Patrick Harris is no stranger to opening the Tony Awards, and the veteran host gave the audience another great song and dance number for his fourth go-round. With an assist from Mike Tyson, of course.

The show opener was an original song that took aim at the likes of Shia LaBeouf for his 'Orphans' debacle, 'Les Miserables' reliance on extreme close-ups, and Kathie Lee Gifford's lyrics for her extremely short-lived show 'Scandalous.'

Since the Tony Awards was back at the huge Radio City Music Hall this year, the theme of the song was making things bigger -- so it featured circus routines, Harris being thrown around by cheerleaders, and an appearance by former boxer and current 'Hangover' cameo-er Mike Tyson, who had his own one-man show on Broadway this year.

He tried to sing and he tried to dance. He failed at both, but we give him an A for effort.

The opening number -- which also featured a large portion of ensemble members from the nominated shows and even a big magic trick from magic enthusiast NPH -- was certainly bigger and better, and it received an exhaustive standing ovation from the crowd.

Also big last night? Cyndi Lauper, whose musical 'Kinky Boots' took home six awards, including Best Musical.

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