Here's a list of words and phrases that I'm sure parents who grew up in the the 80's and 90's might understand but will leave you newbies clueless.

1. It's time to "book" out of here

meaning - To take off, or runaway from something.

2. That guy is a "Dog"

meaning - That guy is ugly!

3. Got to "Dip"

meaning - Time to leave

4. You just got "Dissed"?

meaning - To get stood up or shut down

5. "Booyah"

meaning - An exclamation of joy

6. She gots a "Mall Hair"

meaning - hair style sprayed up with lots of Aqua net hair spray. The bangs are sprayed and then blown with a blow dryer as to stand up on end.

7. I'm "Audi 500"

meaning - To bail or leave

8. "Ways Out"

meaning - Just kidding, joking, playing around.

9. That's 'Rad'

That is really cool, awesome.

10. "All That And A Bag Of Chips"

meaning - It's the best and then some

11. "The Bomb"

meaning - Excellent, out of this world.

12. "Eat My Shorts"

meaning - Screw you!

13. Did you "Gank" them shirts from the store?

meaning - To steal

14. "Home Skillet"

meaning - Your friend

15. "Let's Bone Out"

meaning - Let's leave

16. Now that's "Off The Heasy"

meaning - Off the hook; unbelievable or different

17. That's "Straight"

meaning - It's true

18. What's the "Dillio?"

meaning - What happened, what's going on?

19. That's 'Bangin'

meaning - cool

20. 'Where's the beef'

Slogan from Wendy's in the 80s

21. Check out my 'Swatch'

meaning - They were popular Swatch Watches back in the day.

22. You wanna drink? Syke!

meaning - I tricked you.

23. You're a Dweeb

meaning - someone who isn't cool.

24. What's the '411'

meaning - What are the details.

25. Hit me on my pager.

meaning - in the 80s and 90s people carried digital paging devices before cellphones.