If you have lived in the great city of Amarillo for any amount of time, there are probably a few things you have picked up on... one of them being that we have INCREDIBLE people. You'll be hard pressed to find better folks... but one thing all Amarillo people seem to have in common is that we are HORRIBLE DRIVERS .

Like, literally the worst. You could be running to Toot'n Toutum and have three near death experiences. So here are some helpful tips you may not know about operating a motor vehicle. Share these with your friends. This is just one Amarilloian trying to help out another and make our town safer.

  • Getty Images/EyeEm
    Getty Images/EyeEm

    1. This object is called a "stop sign"

    One may think this sign is self explanatory... but not in the 806.

    Drivers, when you see this funny red circle thingy, please stop your vehicle in front of it just in case there is another car coming.

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    Getty Images

    Tailgating is rude

    No, not the fun kind of tailgating. If your car is so close to me I can see what color your eyes are in my rear-view mirror... this means you may want to slow down.

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    45th is not Texas Motor Speedway

    I totally understand that the part of 45th between Bell and Western may be one of the only roads in Amarillo that actually has turns and curves. This does not give us the right to have a drag race every time we go down it.

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    Getty Images

    Blinkers are user-friendly

    Next to your steering wheel there is a magical stick that moves up and down, and when you move that stick up or down there are special lights on your car that will blink indicating to your fellow drivers if you plan to turn or change lanes.

    You should try it out...

  • Via Instagram: @radiocassidyy
    Via Instagram: @radiocassidyy

    You park BETWEEN the lines

    For some reason we as Amarilloians like to think anywhere and everywhere we want is in fact a parking spot... It's not.

  • News Channel 10
    News Channel 10

    Bad weather is not the end of the world

    We get crazy weather all the time in the 806 so one would assume we would all be pros at driving in bad weather...

    We instead go bananas and lose all of our motor skills. Just be extra cautious and use common sense and you should be good to go.

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