Homecoming is a fun celebration for most High School students.   It's a day to cheer on your high school football team.  It is also a day of anxiety when it comes to mums.  

I have seen a mother almost go into a panic attack because they didn't have the money to make sure their kids had mums and garters.

I've seen girls in tears because they didn't get asked to homecoming.

Some schools have even banned homecoming mums and garters at school because of the high absences on homecoming day because of the lack of mums and/or garters.

I get that they are fun, I understand they show school spirit, but honestly I think they are a waste of money.

I used to shake my head when a classmate would walk into the room on homecoming day because the giant teddy bear pinned to her shoulder and then the medium sized teddy bear pinned to her waste along with all the ribbon, bells and sparkle was weighing her down.

Now onto the other side of mums and garters.

I know sometimes moms or even the kids spend a lot of time on making these beauties and they are proud to show them off.

The kids are proud that they are invited to homecoming by their sweetheart or their crush and they want them to have the best mum or garter.

It is something that can put a smile on another persons face.

So when is a mum or garter too much?

KHOU a TV News Station posted a picture of a mum on their Facebook that went beyond over the top.

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