So I cuddle into my bed last night, finished the show I was watching and drifted comfortably to sleep.

I love my bed, and it loves me.  However, when I'm asleep, I move a lot.  I think my body finds ways to make itself even more comfortable.  I must have been in a dream state because something innocent in my dreamed turned into a nightmare.

I guess I moved my foot and something touched it.  Now I have this horrid fear that I will find a snake in my bed or a million bugs camping out at the foot of my bed, and when my foot hit what it hit, my dream instantly went there, and then my brain caught up. My eyes flew wide open and I jumped out of my bed as fast as I could.

I grabbed my phone and turned on my nifty flashlight app, slowly pulled my covers back to find what I touched....

Lori Crofford
Lori Crofford

Could this have been a Toy Story moment?  These little fellows on a mission?  Nah... it was my 7-year old playing a prank on me.

What are some strange things your kids have left in your bed?


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