One of the great things about working in Amarillo is a lot of the jobs that you could work at offer some kind of perk.

I mean maybe you get a discount. Maybe you get a free meal. Maybe you get all the snacks and bottled water you can handle. Every job is different. Most have something.

One perk that has become a necessity for me over the years. A perk that became even more important since my daughter started driving. I am talking about the fact that if I need a vehicle to drive.

Both jobs have one I can borrow if I need. How many jobs do that? I mean I don't even work at a car dealership. But both Townsquare Media and  Happy State Bank have vehicles that if in a pinch....I  can borrow.

I can grab the Mix 941 Van if it's not being used. I can also borrow one of the New Happy State Bank Bugs. It's even easier because I work in Marketing and we have a Bug of our own to drive as a team.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

So now when I need work done on my car.....or Faith had a mishap on hers. I can borrow one of the vehicles and she can drive mine. Or I can put mine in the shop. Let's be honest that perk keeps me from having to rent a car for the millions of times Faith has had someone smash a window or back into a dumpster.

It's a great perk though because it has saved me tons in what would be crazy rental fees. Oh and did I mention that by driving the Happy Bug I also get free gas! Score!

What perks do you have at your work? Comment below.


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