You know I do not get riled up about many things but this video really ticked me off to the point I had tears running down my checks.  A 5th grade Michigan teacher by the name of Nicole McVey decided it was appropriate to record a video of one of her  students who as Asperger's Syndrome after he got stuck in a chair.  Not only that, the principal of the school decided to join in teasing the boy.  Not once did they offer to help  Then she proceeded to show the video to other students and teachers.

Like I said it takes a lot to rile me up, but my son has Asperger's and I guarantee you this momma would have been on the phone with a lawyer 3 seconds after finding out about this.

What the heck is wrong with this teacher. The first thing she thinks of doing is grabbing her cell phone and taping the incident instead of doing her best to try to get the boy out.

Then to tease him on top of that. I call that bullying, and by a teacher no less.

Apparently this teacher knows nothing about Asperger's. I'm sure this boy was traumatized.

Yes, the principal resigned over this, but what appalls me even more, is that part of the community is standing behind this teacher. A teacher who would treat a student this way, DOES NOT deserve to keep her job.

Maybe I'm too close to the subject but this is unacceptable and you bet I would have gotten a attorney just like this family did.

Do you think this teacher deserves to keep her job?

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