We survived another Tax Free Weekend and we already know that the start of the school year is going to look different. Some area schools are starting in August and some are waiting until September.

Everyone is going to look different as they head back to school this year. They will be sporting masks students and teachers alike. The one thing that won't change is the need to learn. One of the trickiest subjects for a lot of people is math.

I know when my daughter was in high school, that was about the time that I started watching a lot of Youtube videos so that I could try to understand what she was doing. I spent a lot of time trying to help her with her math homework.

That was when a friend of mine passed this app information on to me. So here I am paying it forward and making sure you, as a parent, know about it too. It is called PhotoMath. It is a free app and oh my goodness was a lifesaver.

The concept is that you take a photo of a math problem while in the app. Or you can use the calculator feature and typed in the problem you are trying to solve. This little piece of heaven will not only solve the problem for you but more importantly show you the work. This is perfect. You can see exactly how the answer was achieved.

I know for some that can be a form of cheating. I really hope nobody will use it for that because that won't help you when it comes to test time. This is a great opportunity to actually learn how to do the work.

So before the school year starts make sure you go to the App Store and download this. The funny thing is I have no connections whatsoever to the company that started this. I will not be making any money off of suggesting it. I am just a mom typing in front of other moms who really need to find a way to help our kids learn math.


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