Sometimes walking from your car to your home can cause you some anxiety. Add in it being a little later at night than you are comfortable with and it makes it worse. There is now an app for West Texas A&M students and faculty that can make this a lot less stressful.

It's called the SafeZone app. Basically it is a way to feel safe while walking from point a to point b. I love this idea. All students and faculty will now have a panic button in their pocket. A way to notify authority that you need help. Pronto. The options will be to call the police department, first aid or emergency.

The great thing about this app is if you have to call for any type of emergency this app will give authority your location. It won't be tracked for any other reason unless you just plain need help. This is great to know. You will feel safer walking from the library to your dorm on a late study night. Or on a night you stayed out a little later than you wanted but know you can get back home safely.

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Phone calls from police will be able to be made through the app as well. Communication is key here. There is also this cool feature in the app called "check in". I love this idea. Basically you check in and set a timer for the time it should take you to get somewhere. If you haven't checked back in during the allotted time than all officers during that shift will be notified.

It's that little extra layer of security that will make everyone feel just a little bit better. This is definitely an app that every student needs on their phone. It is always better safe than sorry.

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