Have you ever been asked while checking out at a store if you would like to round up to the nearest dollar and donate the change? Usually, it will go to benefit a local non-profit or charitable organization which supports our community. In most cases, I would say the majority of people say yes to this concept. It is a great way to make a small donation without breaking the bank. But what happens when you shop online or the store you are doing business with doesn't offer that option?

That is where the app 'Spare Hunger' comes in. It allows you to connect your debit or credit card and round up purchases you make. You can then take that extra change from your grocery & food delivery bills to donate to the High Plains Food Bank. The food bank has partnered with 'Spare Hunger' to help bring in donations during these trying times. After you sign up for the app and get registered, you will be able to assign your donations to the High Plains Food Bank. If you ever want to turn off the donations, you simply toggle an option to turn them off.

With just $1, our food bank is able to provide 5 meals to those who need it around the panhandle. Think about how many times you go to the grocery store or order food. Donating extra change can add up quick. On average, 'Spare Hunger' says app users donate $15 dollars a month through the app. If you and just one other friend did this program, that would mean our food bank could provide 150 meals each month. That is a lot of meal provided for people across the high plains.

Because of the pandemic, donations and volunteer hours are down at the High Plains Food Bank. While we may not all be able to make big donations, this is an easy way to give back in a very affordable way. Next time your bill comes to $XX.85, think about donating that extra $.15 to someone in need. It'll make a huge difference.

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