People from all over the world have come to Amarillo to take on food challenges. Yellow City has been on numerous television shows, featured on YouTube channels, and has been written about thanks to our legendary obstacles of the culinary persuasion. Once again, someone with a camera is coming to Amarillo to take on a food challenge.

Meet Joel Hansen. He has a YouTube channel full of food challenges that he has conquered. At one point he was a fitness model. I suppose that's why they call it Model vs. Food.

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On July 5, Joel will be tackling some kind of food challenge with the help of YOLOS Food Truck. If you've been around Amarillo any length of time, you have got to at least be familiar with YOLOS. They're everywhere.

I've tried digging to find out exactly what the food challenge will be, but no luck so far. What I do know is that based off of Hansen's YouTube channel, it had better be a pretty massive challenge to be at least entertaining. It had better be legendary to put Joel to the test.

Taking a look through Joel's YouTube channel, he has quite the list of challenges and competitions under his belt. He's defeated all-you-can-eat buffets. Toppled the competition at numerous competitions.

Yes, he's even conquered the 72 oz steak at The Big Texan.

If you're interested in spectating, they'll be at 4415 S. Georgia on Monday, July 5, at 7 PM. YOLOS will be out there from 5 PM to 8 PM if you're looking for a dinner date.

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