One of the great things about Amarillo is the access to amazing food through food trucks.

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We have such a great collection of food trucks in Amarillo.  We have taco trucks, hibachi trucks, cheesecake trucks, BBQ trucks, and so many more.   At one point Amarillo had a food truck park in downtown Amarillo.

Many of our new restaurants in town went from food truck to a sit down restaurant, Yolo's, Pork 'n Things, and Pizza Nomad to name a few.  Some of our restaurants have food trucks as well, Golden Light and Joe Taco.

So it is no surprise that Amarillo landed on the list, Best Texas Cities for Food Truck Lovers.

Amarillo landed 36 on the list, (one ahead of Lubbock), which is pretty good considering how many cities we have in Texas.

Of course Austin is number one on the list, but that fits the trend for Austin.  They also have the most and the biggest food truck festivals in the state.  However, Waco came in second, which I thought was interesting and cool.  San Antonio was third, followed by Houston, and Euless was number 5.  Dallas finally hit the list at six.

The methodology used to find the top cities included:

  • Plenty of food trucks (per 100,000 residents)
  • Highly-rated food trucks
  • High standing from the last Texas Food Truck Showdown
  • Food truck festivals
  • A local food truck-loving community

I think Amarillo will eventually move up on this list because we love something new, we like trying new things, and when it comes to amazing food we want to try it.

In fact if you're looking for food trucks to try in Amarillo, you should check out Amarillo Food Trucks Facebook page.

So Amarillo food truck owners,  keep up the good work, and keep the great food coming our way.

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