It seems like every time you turn the corner in Amarillo, there's a food truck. Literally. Like this food truck I was recently introduced to that I never would have found without some help.

The best kept secret in Amarillo just may be this hidden food truck.

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Where, And What, Is The Brunch Truck Of Amarillo?

That's a fair question to ask. It was the very question I asked when it was recommended as a breakfast stop this past weekend.

Even after having the location of the food truck described to me, I was still confused. My brain just couldn't wrap its feeble self around the idea of a food truck tucked away in a parking lot behind the Greyhound bus station downtown.

Charlie Hardin
Charlie Hardin

I've been downtown plenty of times. I've been near the Greyhound station plenty of times. Not once do I remember seeing a food truck that deals in all things brunch open for business.

However, when you go to their website, that's exactly how they describe their address...behind building by Greyhound bus station in parking lot.

Sure enough, there it was. At the far end of a parking lot I never gave a second glance to was The Brunch Truck of Amarillo.

Breakfast...Lunch...Brunch. In A Truck.

Downtown itself is a bit surreal on a Sunday morning, in a very I Am Legend kind of way. There's not a lot of activity, apart from the hordes trying to find a place to park near their places of worship.

As you might guess, I was skeptical of how this trip would go. How could you not be? Everything seemed so empty when we pulled up.

I was pleasantly surprised though, as the owner opened the window and greeted us with a giant smile.

Vegan? You'll Want To Check This One Out.

I'm not interested in the reasons why you're vegan. All vegans have a story. The important thing is that this food truck has one of the largest vegan menus I've truck or otherwise; not counting restaurants that primarily cater to vegan diets.

Charlie Hardin
Charlie Hardin

An important aspect is that the owner takes very, very special care to make sure there's no cross contamination. That means, no upset tummies.

For the rest of us, you name it and they've probably got it. The menu covered most of the bases.

Check Out The Breakfast Burritos; Other Menu Offerings

I ordered the Carnivore. Basically, you take every breakfast meat inside that truck and shove it in a tortilla. Throw in some papas, eggs, and cheese for fun and you've got the breakfast burrito I ordered. It was good, and my rather large appetite was fully sated.

The green sauce, which we were warned was very spicy, looked like someone just threw some jalapenos and maybe a bell pepper into a blender and mixed them up. It was delicious. When he handed it to us I simply commented, "Dear Lord, look at the seeds!"

I did over hear the word "tamale" being tossed about while there, and they do have vegan Thanksgiving side dishes you can order to help fill your holiday table. Check their Facebook page for more info.

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