We love our food trucks in Amarillo. From street tacos, to sushi, you can pretty much find anything you want being served from a truck in Yellow City.

But what about those times when you're craving something sweet? Check out these food trucks the next time you have a sweet tooth.

Cheescake HSTL

This is one of my favorites. Largely because I love all things related to cheesecake. It also helps that their food is really, really good. If you have a love for anything cheesecake related, it's worth the stop.

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Soda Jerks

This is a very popular food truck in the area. Anytime I drive by, there's a line. The specialty sodas they create are pretty good, and I would recommend it if you're wanting something sweet, but don't have an appetite for a full dessert.

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Sweet Sipz

Sweet Sipz is similar to Soda Jerks in that they can cure your sweet tooth if you don't have an appetite for dessert. They have mixed sodas, and even have been known to have fresh cookies on hand.

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Antojos Ice Cream Shop

They've got a variety of options available that will cater to your sweet tooth. Drinks, ice cream, and other desserts are all available. Their most recent post on social media teased their hot chocolate. Worth checking out.

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Martha's Minis

This food truck is one that was made with your sweet tooth in mind. The interesting part is that it all starts with mini pancakes, and it gets insanely delicious from there. These minis are an ultimate dessert.

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We have a ton of great food trucks in town. If you know one that we missed, let us know and we'll add it to the list.

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