Growing up, I looked forward to any time that there was a special event happening in my quiet little rural town. It meant that one of my all time favorite dishes would be coming back, even if for one night only. Indian Tacos are something that even now, I find myself craving.

Why does it seem like I can't find them in Amarillo?

Just What Is An Indian Taco? Glad You Asked.

It's heaven in your mouth. It's a pile of heaven on top of fry bread that will keep your stomach full all day. My friends and I would make ourselves sick seeing who could eat the most.

Basically, you take your fry bread (bigger the better, friend) and then you top it with your meat, lettuce, tomato, sometimes black olives, sour cream, cheese, and whatever else you can think to put on top.

Then, embrace bliss as you take a trip to nom-nom town.

There's Got To Be A Place (Other Than The Fair) To Get Them

I've heard rumors. I've done a little asking around. I keep hearing of a food truck named "Bee's." I can't find any information on Bee's, so my search continues.

In all honesty, it would make sense for the all-the-time-home of Indian Tacos in Amarillo to be a food truck. It's a perfect food truck food.

If you know how to contact Bee's, where they're set up, if maybe I was given a term of endearment and not the entire name of the food truck...please let me know.

If you know where to find a fantastic Indian Taco in this town, please let me know.

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