Let's pretend there's a food truck that you want to try. You've seen them post on social media before and you think it sounds good. When you finally get your chance, you pull up to find them either closed or gone. It's been happening to me a lot recently, so I did some digging.

Here is the best way I've found to find Amarillo food trucks.

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You Could Always Follow Your Favorite Food Truck on Facebook

The first option is to find a food truck and follow them on Facebook. While this doesn't seem like that big of a problem, it does have its issues. One, you're going to need notifications or something set up so you'll know when they post. Two, you're going to need to hope that they remember to post.

This is a bit of a headache. You wind up following a bunch of accounts, and it can be frustrating sifting through them all when you feel like having "food truck night."

The Best Way I've Found Is To Follow An Amarillo Food Truck Facebook Group

This makes things a little bit easier. You're still going to need to keep your fingers crossed that your favorite truck remembers to post on social media, but a Facebook group can help you browse a bunch of options all in one place.

For instance, there's the Amarillo Food Trucks Facebook group that gives food trucks a platform to post locations and menus; all in one spot. Exchange Food Truck Park even posts there, so you can have an idea of what to expect.

Could There Be An Easier Option For Keeping Up With Food Trucks?

There has to be. I would be all about finding a way to conveniently keep up with all the food trucks in town. Maybe someone should tag all the trucks the same way scientists tag sharks, and then we'd know exactly where they all are.

I'm only slightly joking about the tagging of trucks with shark tracking technology.

For now, joining in on a Facebook group seems to be the best way to stay up on where Amarillo's food trucks will be, and when.

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