Aaron Carter has threatened to expose his alleged stalker after she went "too far."

In a series of super bizarre tweets Sunday night (Feb.17), the 33-year-old singer revealed there's a woman who's been stalking him for two years. He explained she recently keyed his car and that he had no choice but to get the police involved because he's "genuinely afraid" for his life. Though it's unclear if this was a tactic to scare off his stalker, Carter also said he will be revealing her identity to the public.

“You made a big mistake stalking me and keying my car,” he wrote. “Police are now getting involved my stalker has taken it too far. And she’s gonna be sued by me. I will reveal her identity too I’m scared for my life.”

“This person has been stalking me now for two years straight and is not well she’s been stalking me and still getting into my concerts and I’m genuinely afraid for my life,” he continued. “I needed to put this out there. I WILL BE REVEALING HER IDENTITY."

He ended his rant by revealing he's gathering all the evidence he has on her—such as video footage of his stalker—in order to build a case and sue her for punitive damages.

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