One of the worst parts of traveling is the pre-check.  You get to the airport way before your flight leaves, you check your bag and then you go through security.  You have to take off your shoes, pull your electronics out of their bags and turn them on and it just takes forever.  Now all that is about to change in Amarillo.

Rick Husband International Airport will now offer TSA Pre✓®.   If you are a avid traveler and find yourself traveling all the time, then you can sign up for this service.  Enrollment for the TSA Pre✓®  screening program will begin on Monday, July 23rd and last through Friday, July 27th.  The airport will set up a temporary center with various times available during the week from 7am - 7pm.  This temporary enrollment center keeps local travelers from having to drive hundreds of miles to sign up.

TSA Pre✓® enables low-risk travelers an easier screening experience. TSA Pre✓® members will not have to remover their shows, liquids, laptops, light outerwear or belts.  Rick Husband International is a part of more than 200 airports and 53 airlines that participate in TSA Pre✓®.

If you are interested in TSA Pre✓® log on to Once registered,  select “AMA – Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport” as their enrollment location and select an available time. Proof of identity and U.S. citizenship is required at the time of enrollment.

Cost for the TSA Pre✓® is $85 for five years.

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