With the holiday season ramping up and travel on a rapid increase even during COVID-19 restrictions Amarillo Police are adding more officers on the roads.  In an email to our radio stations APD said so far this year, there have been 28 fatal accidents in Amarillo resulting in 28 deaths. The number is well above average, says APD, compared to cities Amarillo’s size.


“Everyone is excited to to get home or wherever else they are going this time of year, but let’s make sure and arrive alive.” said APD. ” Let’s all slow down, wear our seat belts, don’t be distracted, and get where we need to go safely.”

The Texas Department of Transportation awarded a Comprehensive Selective Traffic Enforcement Program (STEP) Grant to pay extra patrol officers to concentrate their enforcement efforts on impaired drivers, speeding violators, distracted drivers, and seatbelt/child restraint violators.

With traffic and travelers passing through Amarillo, it’s imperative to be cautious, and be aware of other drivers. Be sure to use a designated driver and obey all traffic laws.

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