The holiday travel season is upon us. Soon, the highways and airports will be full of people hurrying to get halfway across the country to see their families and celebrate.  It's an exciting time, except for when it all goes wrong. Unfortunately, sometimes you get hit with a delay or even worse, a cancellation.

So, which airport in Texas is the most likely to make you late to your holiday gathering?

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A recent study was done to see which airports in the country are home to the most delays and the most cancellations. There is a little bit of good news, and there's most definitely some bad news. The good news is that we aren't number one when it comes to delayed flights. The bad news is that two of our major airports are in the top ten for delays, and one tops the list when it comes to the dreaded cancelation.

According to the study done by IPX1031, the Texas airport most likely to force you to call your loved ones and explain your flight is delayed is George Bush Intercontinental in Houston. Out of the entire country, it came in at number 8 overall; the tenth most delays belonged to Dallas Love Field.

When it comes to the airport with the most cancellations, that honor belongs to none other than Dallas Love Field, which I'm fine with considering how many couches they have scattered around every corner. Dallas/Fort Worth International came in at number 5 on that list.

None of this should be interpreted to mean that you're very likely to experience a delay or a cancellation. Cancellations aren't incredibly common, and delays happen but not frequently.

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