When it comes to flying into or out of Dallas, which airport is the better one to do it from? Should you hope for Dallas Fort Worth International, or Love Field?

Based off of two recent flights, I have to hand it Love Field.

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Dallas Love Field Is Easier To Navigate

DFW is pretty easy to navigate. Think of it as a giant doughnut and you'll be fine.

Getting out of DFW can be another issue entirely.

I found out the hard way that there is really no reason for you to go downstairs at DFW. Your Uber will pick you up on the upper level. If you order an Uber, and tell them that you were waiting downstairs, they will laugh at you. It happened to me.

Love Field is pretty straightforward, and everything is clearly marked so you have no problem finding your way around.

Love Field Is Incredibly Accommodating For Its Size

While Love Field may not be as big as DFW International, I actually enjoyed my time there more. One of the main reasons why is that the place is covered in little couches.

They have little couches at the gates. They have little couches for you to sit on while you ponder which fast food restaurant you want to get dinner from. There's couches everywhere.

The best part though, is this restroom I found. You'll have to cross the point of no return, but honestly it's almost better than what you get hanging out by the gates.

Charlie Hardin
Charlie Hardin

The Flight Deck Is Where You Want To Be At Love Field

There's a little bar, a Dunkin Donuts, and couches every two feet. This is the area right outside the Flight Deck Conference Center.

If you take the little hallway to the side of the conference center, you will find two isolated restrooms. There was no one there, at all.

This hallway became my favorite part of my last trip to Dallas. I was able to get away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds, and it felt like I had exclusive access to a private restroom.

Charlie Hardin
Charlie Hardin

I Love The TSA Checkpoint Signs That Show The Wait Times

I was shocked when I showed up to Love Field two hours early and found that it would only take about 12 minutes to get through the checkpoint.

They have prominently displayed signs that show how long you can expect that wait to be. The best part is that it didn't take as long as the sign said it would. I had enough time to snag a bagel and a coffee before making my way toward the food court inside.

Out of the two, I have to give it to Love Field. I didn't get lost on a bottom level that looked like something out of a Christopher Nolan movie, there's a couch every two feet. And, of course, there's the hidden bathroom.

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