Phone scammers are coming out of the woodwork. The Amarillo Police Department has received several calls from citizens, who they say are getting called by scammers,

The scammers have upped their game, to get you to send them money. "Spoofing" has become a huge part of what they do. Your caller ID will be "spoofed" into showing you a call originating from anywhere. You'll see local numbers pop-up or even indicate "who" is calling. Like the IRS, or Microsoft, Apple, the local police department, Exel Energy.or my current favorite the "National RIFFLE Association."

They want you to pay a bill, or avoid arrest, by asking you to send them money. A particular horrible method is to call saying this "Grandpa" or Grandma" and tell they've had an accident and are in jail. They'll tell you they need the money right away for bail.

To avoid being a victim of a phone scammer, there are some tips. The first is easy...if you don't know the number of whoever is calling, don't answer. Let it go to voicemail, Some think if they answer the phone and argue with the scammer, they are making progress, The only thing that happens, is a notation is made by the scammer indicating, someone will answer the phone. Never ever talk to them. Never.

The APD, Randall & Potter Sheriff's Office,  the IRS, or Exel will never call you to take payments over the phone. If the police want to speak with you, they'll find you. Never offer ANY information over the phone, to someone you don't know. Or you can choose to do what I did, keep a landline and don't give your cell number to anyone you don't know. We get nine to 14 calls a day on the landline from scammers. We never answer that phone and I clear off the voicemails every couple of weeks.

If you think you have been a victim of a scammer, call the police and make a report. Remember the best role, if you don't know the person calling ..don't answer. It just makes it worse.

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