A video showed up on social media yesterday that caused and influx of calls to 911.  The video showed a possible sexual assault.

tablet on the hand with video player

UPDATE 9:45am: The APD has investigated the video and made contact with the person who posted the video.  The officers were informed that the video was from another city and posted by another user in a Facebook group.  The officers were told that the acts in the video were consensual.

They have found no evidence that the video was filmed in Amarillo.

The APD has reported the post to Facebook and the post is no longer visible on the social media site.


The video posted on Facebook listed Amarillo as a location and showed two adults engaged in a sexual activity in public. Those who saw the video worried that it was a sexual assault.  The Amarillo Police Department is aware of the video and are investigating the incident.

As of this time, they do not have any evidence to show where the video or when it was filmed.

The APD is asking the public not to call 911 or the Amarillo Emergency Communications about this video.

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