On a beautiful weekend, we'll take our family out to Palo Duro Canyon. The weather is nice. We have plenty of water and sunscreen. We are prepared. It also seems like we spend a lot of time making sure we get a great photo to post on social media.

We want our friends to see how much fun we are having. We want them to see what trails we are hiking. We most definitely get on there to see all the likes and all comments. We want to see how many likes we get. We feel rewarded when our posts gets the attention. It becomes something we crave. We are hooked.

When we get the recognition we end up posting more stuff that we are doing. It feeds into the reward system we are looking for. The more likes and comments we get the more we want to continue on posting.

It's kind of like how we train our dog to do a trick and then we give them a treat. They will continue to roll over or shake paws as long as you are giving up the Beggin' Strips. Hey, sometimes it doesn't even have to be a treat. They love making you happy so sometimes the praise is all that is needed too.

We are the same way on social media. If we post something that does not get the attention that we feel it should we do get bummed. We also stop posting so much. We are not being appreciated. That is a hard hit to our ego. We have become a society addicted to the attention we get online.

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