Just like the Five Man Electrical Band sang in 1971 - 'Sign, sign, everywhere a sign.'

I have been noticing lately that a lot of business signs around Amarillo have some of there letters burnt out. So, I decided to take a trip around the west side and take some pictures of the places that I could find.

With the help of Cassidyy the intern, we spent about an hour riding up and down the frontage road off I40 and took these pictures.

Now this is where I need your help. As you're driving around Amarillo and surrounding areas and notice lights burnt out on signs try and get a picture of it and upload to me in the below form.

Please DON'T try and take the picture while you are driving. I would suggest that you only do this if you have somebody 'riding shotgun,' so you can keep your focus and eyes on the road. If you can get a picture, make sure you pull off the road and park to do this.

I'm looking forward to see all your great burnt out sign pictures and will be posting them as they roll in.


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