Recently, I wrote about the mystery surrounding the "Panhanndle sign." It seems I set off a bit of a firestorm. I'm now getting people pointing out other signs they believe to be typos.

Like this one. Is this one a typo or a tribute to places in Kansas, California, or Canada?

Let's dig in to Pittsburg.

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Where Is This Suspicious Pittsburg Sign?

Between Ross Osage and Grand, back in the residential neighborhoods, you'll find this street sign. At first glance you may not think much about it, but given a moment you might begin to think to yourself that they spelled Pittsburgh wrong.

You would be correct, that is, if that's what they were trying to spell.

Is It Pittsburg Or Pittsburgh?

The easy answer is that it's both. Yes, we're all familiar with Pittsburgh. However, Pittsburg is a very real place. It exists in states all over this great nation, and beyond.

For instance, there is Pittsburg, Kansas. There's also Pittsburg, Oklahoma. There's even a Pittsburg in Canada. We can't forget Pittsburg in California. They've got a nice spot on the water.

Who could forget Pittsburg, New Mexico? It's the ghost town that you might have gotten confused with Pittsburg, Nevada...which is also a ghost town.

Photo by Simon Hurry on Unsplash
Photo by Simon Hurry on Unsplash

More than one is a county seat. More than one is home to an institution of higher education. Pittsburg in Georgia actually sits smack-dab on the Continental Divide.

True story.

There are Pittsburgs in Illinois, Mississippi, Missouri, Iowa, Michigan, Ohio, Oregon, and ironically enough there's one in Pennsylvania (West Pittsburg) where Pittsburgh resides.

I'm sure that never gets confusing.

It appears that what may look like a typo on its face, is actually a pretty popular name. It's one you find all over the world.

So Have We Found Another Rushed Job, Or Learned Something New?

Friends and neighbors, I'm afraid we have to save our giggles for another day. This is, more than likely, no rushed job.

Instead, it's probably named after some connection to one of the many Pittsburgs running rampant across the globe. Many of which have a rich history and are bustling towns.

Keep looking.

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