So season 10 of American Idol kicks off in New Jersey last night, the home of the fist pump.  I actually watched the auditions and I found myself thinking, "Now what's changed". Well the obvious, the judges panel.  I did find it quirky that Randy now holds the top seat at the table that was once occupied by Simon.

So what did I learn about Idol season 10 so far,

  • It is still the same, contestants come in and sing for the judges.
  • Some are star struck to the point they cry.
  • Steven Tyler is still hitting on girls way to young for him but hey he's a rockstar right.
  • Jennifer Lopez can't say no.  Really, I don't know how many  people she wanted to say yes to when she knew they couldn't sing.
  • Randy no matter where he is will still use his favorite word Dawg!

All in all it is what it is and that is American Idol.  It is a show making a dream come true.  I'm sure we will see more changes as the show moves on in Season 10.

I'm sure tonight's auditions in New Orleans will be funny.   I wonder if the judges will come armed with Mardi Gras beads?

Oh, and one other question.  If the new judges weren't announced until September, how were they in New Jersey in August judging the contestants without being seen?  Hmmmmm????