For many of us, Sears is a thing of the past, but that's not the case in El Paso, Texas. Recently, news of some new Sears locations covertly opening led some to wonder if perhaps the Lone Star State could see a return of the beloved department store. Friend, there is no need for a return. It's already here and has been for some time.

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The Last Remaining Sears In Texas Is In El Paso?

I apologize for assuming that there wasn't a Sears still operating in Texas. How could I have ever known that tucked away in El Paso, Texas, would be the last holdout of a bygone era? Seriously, this has to be news to more people than just me.

The store is located in Cielo Vista Mall in El Paso. It's open seven days a week and offers the LE Home Store, jewelry and watch repair, and store pick-up. I can't be the only person who said, "Well, I'll be damned," when finding all of this out.

Sears still exists in Texas. That's big for a couple of reasons. One, there's no one remotely close to us that has one. Two, it's one of only 12 in the continental United States.

Where Is Sears Still Open In The US?

It's a pretty short list. You'll find several in California. There's a handful in Florida. Sears is also still operating in Washington, Massachusets, and we'll even throw in the one in Puerto Rico for good measure. Sadly, the one in New Jersey is supposedly closing sometime this year.

The breakdown looks like this:

  • California - 4
  • Florida - 3
  • Massachusets - 1
  • Texas - 1
  • Washington - 2
  • New Jersey - 1 (that's closing in 2024)
  • Puerto Rico - 1

It's a far cry from when it seemed like every town and shopping mall had a Sears. The glory days may be long gone, but it's nice to see some remnants still holding on.

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