Tina Fey was once mistaken for a prostitute in Monaco...or was she?

In Jimmy Fallon's "True Confessions" game on Tuesday's Tonight Show, Tina's former Saturday Night Live co-stars, Amy Poehler and Jimmy, rake her over the coals like a couple of hard-boiled cops in an attempt to suss out the truth. Tina holds two envelopes, each containing a Fey-related fact — one true, one false. It's up to Amy and Jimmy to figure out which is which...and they're pretty sure the hooker-related story isn't real.

"What were you wearing?" Amy asks, in her best impression of a police investigator, as smoke from an ashtray fills the space between them.

"I was wearing a brown and white polka dot jumpsuit that I, uh, bought at Express. It looked fantastic," Tina replies, possibly making the whole thing up as she goes along.

"Were you in an ABBA tribute band?," Jimmy asks, seemingly skeptical of both her story and claim that the jumpsuit was a winning look. Watch the video above to find out whether  Tina's confession is the real deal.

Jimmy's turn is next, and he's tasked with defending his claim that he was robbed in college by a drug dealer with a sawed-off shotgun. Then Tina and Jimmy grill Amy when she says she once helped Yoko Ono cross the street. Watch the clip above to learn some gripping true (or false) tales about the comedians' pasts.

Fey and Poehler stopped by the Tonight Show to promote their upcoming movie, Sisters, which Poehler describes as "a high school party thrown by 40-year-olds." The film hits theaters on December 18.



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