I have a shameful confession to make: I didn't put Texas Tech in my bracket's Final Four. I am so, so sorry. I feel like such a heel.

My picks were Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas, and Baylor, so it's not like I totally snubbed my larger regional homeland. I picked with my gut, and we will see if that means anything at all. To be fair, I did have Texas Tech beating Utah State today, which they totally did. Wreck 'Em Tech!

Adding to my guilt is the fact that late night host Jimmy Fallon is apparently a bigger Texas Tech fan than myself, even though I'm from Lubbock and he's from Bay Ridge, New York.

Jimmy shared his Final Four choices, as shown on the official NCAA March Madness Twitter:

Of course, not everyone in the Twitterverse agrees with Fallon's picks, as everyone's bracket tends to be a source of strong emotions. This burn was particularly cutting:


If Jimmy is right and I'm wrong and Texas Tech makes it to the Final Four, honestly I'll be thrilled. My chances (and yours) of having a winning bracket were 1 in 9,223,372,036,854,775,808, but my bracket got busted to pieces today anyway.

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No matter how you bet, hope you have a tremendous amount of fun cheering on your favorite team. And if they are already out, your new favorite team. And so on...

Of course, I need to add the obligatory reminder that an Uber is always cheaper than getting popped or hurt, so celebrate the college basketball fun responsibly if you're drinking to celebrate or to drown sorrows.

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