I have been trying all kinds of neat pizza's from different places. The great news is we have several great places here in Amarillo.

I have tried a few pizzas from Fire Slice Pizzeria and a few from Rockstar Pizza and Subs. They both have had fabulous pizzas. The thing I like about these places is they both have original pizza's that can only be found at their respective places.

Last month I tried the Jalapeno Popper Pizza at Rockstar (located at 34th and Washington). This month I saw that they added a pizza called the Chic Chilada Pizza. If you love chicken enchilada's....this is a pizza you need to try.

This pizza has everything chicken enchilada related. Homemade chicken enchilada sauce with green chili's and sour cream. Yummy! There are mixed cheeses and the pizza is topped with corn tortilla strips.

Yes it is a chicken enchilada lovers dream come true. When I went the other night I invited my daughter over and decided to order both this pizza and the Jalapeno Popper Pizza. I wanted to insure I had extras for me and some for her to take home as well.

She loved both pizza's too and even loved them as leftovers. Now I heat mine up in the oven....I'm pretty sure she didn't. She did say all the pizza was gone. SO....it was a hit for her as well.

If you haven't tried Rockstar Pizza and Subs yet....you need to. They are open Wednesday's through Sundays from 4 pm - 11 pm. You are guaranteed to find a pizza you love.

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