The original "The Bodyguard" was released in 1992 and stared Kevin Costner as a former secret service agent hired to protect a singer who he falls in love with.  Whitney Houston plays the singer.  Whitney Houston also had a hit with "I Will Always Love You," off of the soundtrack.The premise of the movie will stay the same however, the bodyguard will be an Iraq War Veteran.  They haven't began the casting process, yet.  Do you think Kevin or Whitney will be making a cameo?  Will they have a serious part in the movie, for instance, their daughter is now the celebrity?  Hey it could happen.

Really!?! Another remake of a movie that doesn't need to be remade.  It isn't that old.  O.K I realize that it was almost 20 years ago (Wow! I feel old) but it isn't time for a remake.  Next thing you know they will be remaking Steel Magnolias.

So what do you think are you excited about this remake or should Hollywood leave well enough alone?