Most of my Instagram feed is a lot of tending food and recipes. Ill spend so long just watching other people make food I will never take the time to make myself. One thing I have seen a ton of people posting about is this new 'Keto ice cream' called Rebal Ice cream.

Low carb ice cream? Seems to good to be true. I went to their website to see if I could get my hands on it in Amarillo. Sure enough, Market Street carries it!

Rebal Ice Cream













I got the Mint Chip and Chocolate flavors. It says on the side that for the best taste let it soften for 15 minutes. So I decided to do one soften and one not.

I first tried the soft mint flavor. The taste was bad at all! The mint was pleasant and not overpowering and the chocolate chips added a nice crunch. However, with it being softened It kind of had a texture that reminded me of whipped cream. It was really light and airy.

Next, I tried the chocolate and I thought the taste was way better. I am not even a chocolate person but it was really pretty good.

One thing that struck me about both of them was for some reason they reminded me of coconut oil. Maybe because they are higher in fat for the keto diet my brain made that connects?

Rebal Ice Cream












Who knows. So, my honest opinion is if you are on the keto diet or if you are trying to cut cards this is a great option for you and I am glad Amarillo has it! However, you can tell it is not the real deal, it is not as sweet and creamy as regular ice cream and it's a pretty heavy price tag. A pint will run you $5.99 but it is still good!