It's never fun having the flu and especially in 2020 when everyone will just assume you have covid. You want to avoid that at all costs. So what can you do? Maybe you take extra vitamin C. Maybe you go and get the flu shot  and again especially this year. It is one thing to get sick but something else to get the flu or even the virus.

The keto diet is something you know a friend of yours has tried, maybe you are on it as well. It's basically the diet where you cut out ALL carbs. You get to eat a lot of meat and even some dairy. Who would not be happy about a diet like that.

Well it turns out eating keto may have other benefits. It could actually help you say no to the flu. Apparently the research that has been down found that when your body is in the state of ketosis, which is a big part of being on the keto diet it puts your body on the defense.

The keto diet activates a group of cells in your lungs.Those cells are the ones that work together to trap the flu virus. They also ban together to fight it. So what a win.

So maybe you are not one that likes to diet a lot. I get that. I feel though maybe this is something to try for a few months out of the year. Cold and Flu season to be exact. I know carbs are hard to cut out....but you get to have meat and cheese. I feel that is a pretty decent trade out. Oh and you may not get the flu. So it may be worth looking into.

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