806 Health Tip: Pickle Juice For The Win
I was talking with my daughter and her friends a bit ago and I was telling them how I was reading that drinking pickle juice was a great thing to drink to help you if you have had a bit too much to drink.
806 Health Tip: The Benefits Of Hot Chocolate
Do we really need a reason to drink the deliciiousness that is hot chocolate? Around this time of year we really up our game. The warmth of the delicious drink with marshmallows really feel great when the weather turns colder.
806 Health Tip: Even With A Mask On That Smile Is Important
Smiling is an important thing to be able to do. I mean who doesn't want a smiling face greeting you. Even with a mask on people can still tell if you are smiling. It’s just another thing we had to learn in 2020. It doesn't matter if it is at work, school or wherever a smile is one o…
806 Health Tip: Things To Help When You're Getting Sick
It's that dreaded time of the year. Your body starts to ache. Your nose may start to run. Oh wait now it's your throat. It's on fire. In 2020 it is even worse. I mean now you have to check to see if you lost your sense of smell or taste. Are you running a fever. Getting sick this year…
806 Health Tip: Eating Keto Can Be A Good Fight Against The Flu
It's never fun having the flu and especially in 2020 when everyone will just assume you have covid. You want to avoid that at all costs. So what can you do? Maybe you take extra vitamin C. Maybe you go and get the flu shot and again especially this year. It is one thing to get sick but somethi…
806 Health Tip: Dark Meat May Be Healthier To Eat
We are all dreaming about that delicious meal or meals we may be sitting down to next week for Thanksgiving. You will probably be eating a lot of turkey. You may end up making a lot of soups or casseroles in the days after. You may be looking for new recipes to use it all up.

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