To start I have to say that saying you’re the best at anything in Texas is a bold statement, because there is a variety of just about whatever you want. And when we are talking about specific food choices, let’s just say, if you claim you have the best, you better back it up. Although this restaurant didn’t necessarily say it themselves, there was an article released recently discussing the best fried chicken in each state so of course I was curious what took the top spot in Texas. 

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The article was released by 24/7 Tempo and I can appreciate that they enjoy fried chicken that much, I love it too. While fried chicken might not be the healthiest meal option, it tastes so good, when you’re eating it you could care less about the calories. But there really is a perfect science to making fried chicken because we have all had mediocre chicken and that is just not acceptable. Fried chicken needs to be hot as far as temperature, but I do also like my fried chicken to have a little spice to it as well. 

The Top Fried Chicken Restaurant in Texas Has Multiple Locations 

While I must admit that I have not visited this restaurant myself I am excited to try it in the near future as there are multiple locations in the Dallas area.  

What Restaurant Serves the Best Fried Chicken in Texas? 

According to the article released the best fried chicken in Texas is found at Street’s Fine Chicken. They have two locations and remember to be patient. The menu even says the fried chicken in made to order and can take 20-30 minutes. But when it’s the best fried chicken in Texas, you know it’s worth the wait.  

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