The world is standing with Manchester, England after the terror attack at Ariana Grande's concert on Monday (May 22).

22 people have died, and dozens more were injured, in an act that led to President Trump calling the perpetrators -- ISIS has reportedly taken credit -- "evil losers."

Reaction from people has been as swift and caring as the act was callous and cruel.

- A campaign from the Manchester Evening News has helped raise thousands of dollars for the victims.

- There's also a page allowing people to donate to Human Appeal, a Muslim-faith based humanitarian aid charity in Britain.

- A GoFundMe page was also set up to help a homeless man who did his best to come to the aid of others after the explosions went off in Manchester Arena.

- Donating blood is always something people are inclined to do after an event of this magnitude, but it appears as that's not necessary at this time.

- Police have created phone numbers to call for those who are trying to track down those still missing, while the hashtag #MissinginManchester has grown on Twitter.

And while scores of people have gone to social media to express their sorrow or express condolences via the Manchester City Council, there are plenty of others who are using this opportunity to showcase the true spirit of humanity with offers to help the victims and anyone else needing assistance in the wake of the attack.

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