No one, not even AT&T and its marketing staff, is immune to the McConaissance. The company's 'True Detective'-themed Infinity commercial flawlessly spoofs the brilliant HBO series and Matthew McConaughey's instantly iconic character Rust Cohle, which should earn the newly-minted Oscar winner an Emmy, as well.

If you didn't watch the show but were aware of the hype, this minute-long spot encapsulates all you could ever need or want to know.

However, if you were a fan, watched every episode and miss the dialogue-heavy bromance between McConaughey's Cohle and Woody Harrelson's Martin Hart, all of the fan-driven, "out there" conspiracy theories about the Yellow King or all that philosophizing that Cohle was prone to, you can enjoy a brilliant reprise in the form of this AT&T Infinity commercial, which delights in spoofing Cohle.

First, the accent and buttery McConaughey voice is spot on. So is the 'stache. But having him ask the kids the biggest number they can think of is brilliant. One suggests infinity is the biggest number, which leads Cohle to do what he does best -- dispute the notion of forever, since time is a flat circle, a famous quote from the series.

We can't even discuss it any further. It's just flawless.

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