What do you do when you’re a superhero tasked with defeating the baddest big bad in the whole universe? You can hit the gym, sit around anxiously planning your next steps, or get a new outfit. That latter seems to be the choice the Avengers made. New clothes are great, they make you feel more confident and stylish, and in this case, will probably also help you save the universe. (Also if you didn’t realize by now, this post will obviously include Avengers: Infinity War spoilers.)

Some previous leaks have revealed the surviving Avengers will reportedly be getting new costumes in the upcoming Avengers 4: Whatever It’s Called. A new leak has hit the internet, offering a peek at Thor and Rocket Raccoon’s newest suits. Comic Book Movie first spotted the leaked promo art for what seems to be toy box packaging. The image is super blurry and low quality, so you can’t see much, but here’s the basic idea:

Honestly it looks pretty… ugly? And uncomfortable. You wouldn’t wanna do any intensive cardio in that stiff, plastic-y thing. But this suit is probably not for running a 5K in. You may notice that the grey, black and red design sorta kinda recalls the suit Hank Pym wore into the Quantum Realm. So will the surviving Avengers travel through the alternate dimension in some sorta time travel plot to reverse the Thanos snap? At this point, it’s all speculation. But either way, new Avengers suits are on the way. Let’s hope Thor and Rocket don’t have to spend the whole movie in these weird sci-fi costumes though.

Avengers 4 hits theaters theaters May 3, 2019.

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