March 17th-Happy St. Patrick's Day.  I hope you wore your green.  Here what else happened Back on this Day.

432 - ST. PATRICK died.  It was uncertain whether he passed away on March 8th or the 9th  so church officials added the dates, making St. Patrick's Day March 17th.

1755 - The famous Cherokee Indian Chief, GROUNDHOG SAUSAGE, sold what went on to become the state of Kentucky to the Transylvania Land Company.  The price:  $50,000.


1889 - Irish-born John Holland INVENTED THE MODERN SUBMARINE for the U.S. military.  His sub submerged off Staten Island, New York, for three hours.

1912 - Mrs. Luther Gulick of Lake Sebago, Maine, founded the CAMP FIRE GIRLS organization.  The group has since dropped the word "girls" from its name and is now known as Camp Fire.

1969 - GOLDA MEIR, a girl from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who dreamed of becoming a high school teacher, took office as Israel's fourth Prime Minister.


1985 - The first vaccine for chicken pox was approved in the U.S.

1987 - PRINCESS DIANA met BOY GEORGE at a benefit in England.  She complimented him on his lovely black tights and white dress.

1998 - VAN HALEN released the mediocre album "3", featuring the mediocre vocal stylings of one GARY CHERONE.

1999- A panel of experts concluded that "MARIJUANA HAS MEDICAL BENEFITS" for people suffering from cancer and AIDS.


2005 - LIL' KIM was CONVICTED of federal perjury charges for lying to a grand jury about a 2001 shootout that went down outside Manhattan radio station Hot 97 back in 2001.  She was sentenced to a year and one day on July 6th.