So every year we hear about Punxsutawney Phil.  Phil is the ground hog that pops out of his hole in Pennsylvania to see if he sees his shadow.  If he does then it's 6 more weeks of winter.  So how is it that a groundhog that's up north across the country can determine the weather for those of us in Texas?  I don't think he can, but there's another little fellow that's native to Texas that can determine our weather better.

That little fellow is Bee Cave Bob, and Bee Cave Bob is a armadillo.  Bee Cave Bob doesn't celebrate Groundhog Day, he celebrates, Armadillo Day on February 2nd.

Bob lives in a town just west of Austin called Bee Cave and on Thursday, he will come out of his burrow about noon and will determine if Texas will see 6 more weeks of winter.


Why should we trust a groundhog when we have an armadillo?

So forget groundhog day, let's celebrate Armadillo Day!!!


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