You know how your scroll through Netflix trying to find the perfect thing to watch.  You might be trying to find the perfect movie when all of a sudden you come across something amazing.  That's what happened the other night.  We were bored and looking for a movie we both haven't seen and we came across it, a documentery on the Nightmare on Elm Street movies.  It was great, so I thought I would share some of the best documentaries about your favorite horror movies.


  • 1

    Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy

    This documentary covers all the Nightmare on Elm Street Movies.  It's over 4 hours long, but well worth the watch if you are a Freddy Kruger fan.

    You can watch this on Netflix

  • 2

    Birth of the Living Dead

    This documentary follows how George Romero and chronicles night of the living dead.

    You can stream this on Amazon.

  • 3

    Michael Myers: Absolute Evil

    This is a fan made documentary that chronicles the Halloween Movies.

    You can stream it on youtube

  • 4

    Room 237

    This is a documentary on trying to decipher Stanley Kubrick's meanings on his film The Shining.

    You can stream this on Netflix

  • 5

    The Fear of God: 25 Years of the Exorcist

    This documentary is from 1998 and is a retrospect of how The Exorcist movie affected a culture.