In 2010, Predators, the third film in the Predator franchise, released to a world of fans eager for a sequel worthy of the original. Thankfully, the film did pretty well and received plenty of praise. Recently, a coworker told me that a big chunk of the film was shot right here in Texas. They pointed to one scene in particular.

Do you remember this iconic Texas landmark in 2010's Predators?

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Texas is a pretty good place to pick for filming a movie. We've got everything from mountains and deserts, to beaches and wide open plains. Any kind of location you want, we've got.

Supposedly, for the movie Predators, somewhere around 60% of it was filmed in the Lone Star State. Part of that took place near the town of Dripping Springs, Texas, at Hamilton Pool.


The scene where the characters are swimming and trying to get out of a pool near a waterfall, all while being stealthily watched by Predators, was filmed at the iconic Texas swimming hole.

It's a little mind-blowing to see one of our state's most beautiful natural wonders like that. I have a tendency to get lost in a movie while I'm watching it, so it never dawned on me that this was the legendary Hamilton Pool. I suppose that's part of the "movie magic."

Other locations in Texas used for the film include Canyon Lake Gorge, and McKinney Falls State Park. Go back and watch the movie again, and see if you pick out what parts.

From now on, I'm going to have to pay better attention to what's happening in the background when I watch a movie. Who knows when I'll see something I recognize?

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